Love Alpha Lash Fibre Extension Mascara- Lengthen your lashes in 2 mins




Love Alpha Cashmere Micronesia Natural Fiber Mascara and Transplanting Gel  !


This set of Love Alpha Cashmere Micronesia endless extension mascara can make your lashes feel stronger, longer and natural-looking.


Want longer Eye Lashes without having white fibers on your eye lashes?


This special mascara set is made of new technology black fiber that won’t make white residue stick on your eye lashes after application.




This eye mascara gives you a define look that won’t make your eye lashes stick together.





 Every strand of eye lashes will stand out on its own gives out a very natural look.


3X extension lashes…




3D collagen green tea natural fiber eyelash fluid combination




300% increase sharply and long


How To Use:


1-      Apply transplanting gel (just like your normal mascara) from the base of your eyelash line to the top of your eyelashes.


2-      Before the gel dries, apply the fiber thinly to the lashes exactly like step 1 (if applied too coarsely eyelashes will become clumpy)


3-      Again apply transplanting gel on top of fiber, making sure you are coating all your lashes in transplanting gel (you are applying this as you would apply mascara. Doing this you are covering the fiber completely with the black transplanting gel)


4-      We are not finished yet! Before the gel dries, again thinly apply the fiber only to the ends of your lashes.


5-      Last step: coat all your lashes once more in transplanting gel just as you would apply mascara.


Note: If satisfied with the result after step 3, the remaining steps are perhaps not required.


How to remove:


Soak cotton pads in warm water and apply wet pad to eye for a few seconds, and then gently wipe the mascara off.

The Shade of this fabulous Mascara is:


The size of this Mascara and is Full Size ( Fibre: 3 g. & Gel: 12 ml. )






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