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  They may look like falsie or extensions but their not!  She used 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.  This mascara is amazing!!!  Gives your eyes the extra WOW factor!  Trust me you will never use another mascara!!!!  All items are shipped directly to you.

Goes on like mascara, is safe for contact lens wearers, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, water resistant & comes off easily with water & cleanser.  Comes in 2 tubes transplanting gel & fibers which are 100% natural green tea leaves.  If you apply the one coat method it will last approx. 2-3 months if used everyday.  It will last 6 months if use only periodically.

How to Apply Mascara & Get Best Results:

You will be a pro at making them amazingly long in one coat application method after a few tries! Just remember do one eye at a time and have both bottles in hand & lids unscrewed so as soon as you put on first coat of gel quickly while still wet apply fibers to tips of your lashes. Do not get to close to your lid line when apply fibers, stay at the middle to tips of your lashes to avoid fibers getting in your eyes.

Step 1 – OPTIONAL STEP!  Apply a quick base coat of Transplanting Gel to both eyes and let dry.  Totally not necessary step but helps to get them babies mega long.
Step 2 – Now one eye at a time apply generous coat of Gel to 1 eye.
Step 3
– Quickly apply Fibers before Gel dries & then let dry few seconds.
Step 4 – Apply a final generous coat of Transplanting Gel to seal fibers.
*If you want to go longer repeat steps 2-3.

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