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Fibre Lash & Build Mascara 


Fibre Lash Mascara creates thicker and longer lashes after one easy application.

This mascara is a 2 in one containing a Transplanting Gel and Natural Green Tea Fibres , which can instantly lengthen your eyelash by 150%

Creating a natural look, the Fibre Lash Mascara creates beautiful natural curves in your eyelashes which will impress you for a long time to come.

Step 1 – Apply a coat of Transplanting Gel, just like mascara.

Step 2 – Apply the Fibre Lashes from eyelash root to end BEFORE the Transplanting Gel dries.

For a thicker look, continue to apply the Fibre Lashes to the eyelashes. Apply a final coat of Transplanting Gel to completely colour the Fibre and eyelash.

Magical long thick eyelashes in moments!! This product has been extensively tested, and is even suitable for easily irritated eyes. No white fibres!! No sticky residue!! Results may also be improved with the use of an eyelash curler.



Before                                       After

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