Stress Relieving Back Massage with Heated Organic Salt Scrub    $68

(allow 45 mins)

Stress relieving back massage in an aromatic environment, followed by a beautiful hot Mineral Salt Scrub Mask. Finished off by a warm steamed towel treatment for the back.


Full Body Exfoliation

(no massage, fresh new skin, great before a tan)

with scrub mits and body scrub   $42

full body extension


Stress Relieving Back Massage


30 mins    $58

45 mins    $71

Relieving Full body Massage


60 mins    $95



Clean and Clear Back Treatment $69

A deep cleansing, medicated pore treatment for the back, used to combat blackheads and blemishes on the back area.


Dry body brushing

Detoxify and energise your skin by adding a dry body brush treatment prior to your massage. This will assist in increasing the flow of lymph in the body and improve the benefits of your massage.

Add to any massage (15 mins) $25