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Here at Aleisha-Jane Salon, we offer a high quality professional spray on tan which is applied by one of our fully trained technicians- giving you an all natural sunkissed glow which lasts for around 7–10 days.
It contains no orange tones, looks completely natural and dries in aprox 3 mins. Spray tans are a much healthier alternative to the sun/solarium. You can even choose the desired level of colour you want to achieve -light, medium or dark.
Result = Tanned & Terrific!
We stock the most natural colours & Best quality spray tans ever!!

Spray Tan Prices Price
8 Hour Wash & wear – Per Spray Tan $40
2 hour Wash & Wear Rapid Spray tan – Per Spray Tan/td> $45

Colours available-  light to medium  or dark to chocolate

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Spray Tan Packs Price
3 x Tans Voucher $100 (save $20)
5 x Tans Voucher $150 (save $50)
10 x Tans Voucher $250 (save $150)
(For 2 hour spray tan packs – add $5)


1) What are the key steps to getting a fantastic, all even, long lasting salon tan?

Pre-Tan preparation !! Make sure all hair removal is completed the day before. Before you head to the salon, Shower & deeply exfoliate all over your body (this needs to be done the day of your tan appointment) .

Before your tan, make sure you dont apply any barriers on the skin such as make-up, deoderant, perfumes & moisturisers.

2) What do i wear after my tan application?
Wear loose dark clothing . We recommend to regular tanners http://www.tanfan.com.au/ They specialise in stylish dark clothing made especially for just after your spray tan . No one would be none the wiser you have just had a tan.
3) How do i maintain my salon tan?
The key tip is to moisturise your skin. Stay away from cheap supermarket soaps & bodaywashes that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, as it strips the tan and results in uneven fading
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