Spray Tan

Spray Tans


Have one our high quality professional spray on tans applied by one of our fully trained technicians, and get an all natural sunkissed glow lasting for around 7–10 days.


The products we use create a completely natural look, with no orange tones and drying in approx 3 mins.

Spray tans are a much healthier alternative to the sun or solarium.

Choose the desired level of colour you want to achieve – light, medium or dark.

Result = Tanned & Terrific!

We stock the most natural colours & Best quality spray tans ever!!


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Spray Tan Prices Price
Rapid 2hr Spray Tan  $45
6hr wash & wear Spray Tan $40






  • Many Quality Brands Spray Tan Solutions available for you to choose from
  •  Different Shades available to cater for all skins 
  • Rapid 2hr wash & Wear  or  6 hr Wash & Wear
  •  From lightest to light golden ,  medium  to dark to deep darkest chocolate spray tan 
  •  If you’re unsure which brand or shade to choose for your skin tone, our professional staff can always help with this .



Spray Tan Packs Price
3 x Tans Voucher $120
5 x Tans Voucher $175
12 x Tans $312
5 x Pre Tan Exfoliation Package $145



1) What are the key steps to getting a fantastic, all even, long lasting salon tan?

Pre-Tan preparation!!

Ensure all hair removal is completed the day before.

Before you head to the salon, ahower & deeply exfoliate all over your body (must be done the day of your tan appointment).

Before your tan, do not apply any make-up, deoderant, perfumes & moisturisers.


2) What do I wear after my tan application?

Wear loose dark clothing.

We recommend to regular tanners http://www.tanfan.com.au/

They specialise in stylish dark clothing made especially for just after your spray tan .


3) How do I maintain my salon tan?

The tip to maintaining your tan is moisturise.

Avoid cheap supermarket soaps & body washes containing Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which strips the tan resulting in uneven fading.